Welcome to the Digital Libraries Spring Term 2021 Omeka site!

This digital library was created by library and information science graduate students at the University of Denver as part of their online learning about the foundations of digital libraries. The course provides a theoretical foundation for the study of digital libraries and will discusses the technological, organizational, social, and legal issues associated with the development and use of digital libraries.

Through this course students developed an understanding of digital library components and learned practical approaches to constructing, maintaining, and evaluating digital libraries.

The topics examined included digital library definitions, the design and architecture of digital libraries, information access in the digital library environment, copyright, digital library users and user services, data repositories, digital curation, digital preservation, digital library evaluation, and digital librarianship.

Library and Information Science Student Contributors: Lauren Bailey, Rose Marie Binger, Danielle Fontain, Tricia Ford, Porter Gaier, Krislen Gallipeau, Alyssa Johnston, Sue Mountford, Imani Odom, Aaron Regalago, Roxanne Russell

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